Dad’s BBQ Pit – by “Whatrockysees”

He was a zero in the Dad department….but he could bar-b-que a mean pork barbecue shoulder…

My parents were from the South. My parents loved fresh southern vittles which included pork barbecue. Back in the sixties they were transferred up North to Kentucky from Tennessee. Ingrained Southerners the move was traumatic but they managed.I was only about eight, but the first thing my father did was to build the brick barbecue pit. Oh, it was a massive affair, and he laboured on it intensively and my mother planted flowers around it. It was the altar of our backyard.

He didn’t barbecue often but I remember it as an all day affair. The special hickory smoked wood that was bought, the HUGE pork shoulder that was humongous, the coals that had to be just right. The homemade barbecue sauce carefully painted on, the multiple turnings of the beast. The neighborhood smelled delicious, and the neighbors all came round to see what the great smell was. Me, it took me many more years before I appreciated the taste. And today when I’m in the South I know a trip down memory lane is at the next little barbecue pit stop on the road.


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