The Christmas Trifle – by “Mylifeasamarriedsingle”

A memory – and happily an ongoing ‘reality’ is my Dad as captain of the Christmas trifle. This may not be a particularly familiar dessert to some. The Italians call it (translated) English Soup, which is remarkable, as it’s not like any soup I’ve had here, or in Italy. But I digress. Trifle is a chilled dessert, comprising layers of different textures and materials. Typically sponge (or sponge fingers), then jelly (jello), fruit, custard, cream and some audacious topping. It is simply delicious. Dad continues to make this, usually on special request. His personal preference is for no jelly (boo!) but that’s OK because as a kid what I found to be intriguing was that my tee-total father, never touching a drop of the stuff, would liberally pour fruit liqueur or sherry (or use Rumtopf-soaked fruits) in to the trifle, leaving us joddering around after dinner.

The other item I associate with my father is salt cod. The decline of him eating this seems to be in tandem to the decline of the East Coast fishing trade – he used to get it sent ‘fresh’ from Grimsby. He would boil it for hours and then enjoy with a little butter. He loves the stuff. I was never keen, but then whilst living in Japan I befriended a Portuguese woman and fell in love with bacalhau, which she wrapped in newspaper and flew to Fukuoka in her suitcase. Japan must have lax customs! I should take my Dad out for Portuguese food, with English Soup for pudding.


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