About OurStoryThyme

Imagine someone asking you to tell them a story about an important family recipe – what recipe would you tell them about? Now imagine that same person asked you to tell them about the person you most strongly associate with your chosen recipe. Who would come to mind? If you’re like us or the people we have spoken to, you’re likely to associate important family recipes with your mom. But what about your dad or your grandfather? What food memories do you have surrounding them and other male relatives? Just because we don’t generally tend to think of men in the kitchen doesn’t mean they’re not there. This blog was designed to gather stories, memories, recipes, and photos about the food that you associate with your male relatives. If you’re a dad, we’re also interested in learning how you and your kids interact in the kitchen or around food. What recipes do you teach them? What stories do you tell them about your favorite food memories?

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